ZX1 Micro-Oil Metal Treatment

ZX1 Micro-Oil Metal Treatment has been the leader in Micro-Oil technology since 1992.Treating your engine is simple, add ZX1 Micro ZX1 Products AllOil Metal Treatment and it will thermo-chemically bond to the moving metal parts to create a microscopic protective layer.

With a vast array of different engine treatments on the market, it is difficult to know what is worth using, and what is not. Many people have heard the horror stories about sub-standard engine treatments ruining engines by clogging oil galleries or oil filters, or causing the bores to glaze, or any number of other problems. Some of these stories are true. However, none of them are about ZX1 Micro-Oil Metal Treatment.

ZX1 Micro-Oil Metal Treatment is different to the other engine treatments available. ZX1 Micro-Oil Metal Treatment contains absolutely no Teflon, chlorine or PTFE (a common cause of the problems referred to above). ZX1 Micro-Oil Metal Treatment works not by altering the properties of the oil (or other lubricant), but by chemically bonding to the metal surfaces and modifying the friction properties of the metal. This modification allows the oil to do its job even better, and results in drastically reduced friction and wear.

There are 4 unique products in our range:

  1. The Flagship ZX1 Micro Oil Metal Treatment - available in 3 sizes: 250ml,1 liter and 4 liter (available upon request) designed to protect and prolong the life of metal surfaces, smoothing and lubricating, reducing friction, therefore saving energy and fuel and reducing harmful emissions.
  2. C60 Spray Lube supplied in an environmentally friendly 300ml pump applicator " The Engineers Friend" not just a spray lube but an all purpose industrial strength lubricant which as tremendous penetrating and lubricating properties.
  3. C76 35ml handy nozzle applicator - designed for precise application with no waste.
  4. Super Grease – available in 3 sizes: 400g cartridge, 500g tub and 12.5kg bucket (available upon request) a High Temperature Lithium Complex based grease reinforced with ZX1 Micro Oil Metal Treatment.


Benefits of ZX1 Micro-Oil Metal Treatment:

The virtual downtime eliminator is a particle free fluid which remains in colloidal suspension within the lubricating medium until a relatively low temperature activates the unique thermo-chemical bonding process. Unlike conventional "oil / engine additives" British Extralube ZX1 micro-oil is a radical departure in the hi-tech field of frictional wear technology providing:

The Introduction of ZX1 does not change the properties of the standard lubricating medium and is suitable for use in all Petrol, Diesel and two stroke engines; transmissions; differentials and hydraulic systems.

Adopted and endorsed by high profile racing teams, (including Schumacher's), and engine builders, ZX1 products enhanced the power through lubrication for Edenbridge Racing's works Vauxhall to win the 1995 British Formula 3 Championship with Oliver Gavin. Since 1995 each consecutive champion has benefited from using ZX1 products.

Extralube ZX1 is completely compatible with all known oils including synthetic, hydraulic, vegetable and two-stroke. It is non - particulate micro oil technology that does not contain P.T.F.E., Molybdenum etc. therefore it cannot compromise tolerances or clog filters and oilways.

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